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Wellness: Spontaneous Yoga

With Grace Yoga I have a routine I have been enjoying for years. I of course add some variety spontaneously if it arises to do so, but on the most part I follow the routine. However, being a person of great contrast I have also been practice and teaching what I call spontaneous Dance. I find both to be very enriching practices for one's life and wellbeing. I cannot imagine not having them both.

With spontaneous Grace yoga what I like is to put on some music that I am in the mood to listen to, it can be any type of music from classical to kirtan, to rock. As the music plays I simply allow my body to move how it wants to move. There are no mental requirements, there are no expectations, rules to follow, or sequences to go by. Simply allow your body to be in charge and let go of all thought and mental control. Let go of all physical control and just move in a way that feels good to the body. There is no right or wrong way to practice spontaneous yoga... and you can practice for as long or short a time as you want.

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