Changing Colors

Greetings my Darlings: Can you feel the chill in the air?

As sure as the seasons change, so does your temper-mature! Allow the hot irritations of last month to Fall away and chill , changing the colors around you to a richer hue ! "The Truth has been unveiled", ...your Tarot , revelation for September! Whether that be Hot or Cold , Pale or Deep , allow the Truth to set you free, thru your own inner ability, simmer the pot, or stir the paint , until all is just right in your world again!

Whose Universe is it , anyway? Have the strength to claim it, and warm your own soul , no matter the crispness of outside influences. You have dawned your jacket , zipped it up, and snuggled into the coziness of knowing the Truth ! Awe ,refreshing air , indeed! Breathe in deeply and go your own way, packing the essential equipment of knowing that ,You direct the wind ! In awe of you my lovely souls being-human ...all my love, Lady Jill

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