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Our Children

Using Doreen Virtue Life Purpose Oracle Deck Children.

Today I chose the “Children card” and my interpretation of this card is: How important it is to express to our children how very amazing they are and always encourage them to follow whatever creative path that they choose. Nurturing their bright young spirits and never putting them down or forcing them to choose career paths or activities that we want but would stifle their spirit if we made them do it.

If you do not have children but would like to help out our children and teens. There are homeless shelters, boys and girls clubs, and churches to assist the youth. You as an adult can have such a positive impact on our children, with your encouragement and kindness a child can heal and this gives encouragement that buidls self-esteem for a child that might not have the support in their own families or homes. The children are the new leaders and guardians of this planet we want them to be healthy individuals so that they can pass this legacy on to their children someday!

This card can also represent your inner-child and a need for more time to play and work on creative projects.

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