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Sweet Cailee Herrell of Phoenix was diagnosed with Familial exudative viteoretinopathy at 2 years old. She has impaired vision that can develop into full blindness. Cailee is now 6 years old and has undergone several surgeries. Cailee’s mother Catrina Frost has been researching her daughters medical issues and has discovered that once a person has seen something with their eyes they have images and memories of those experiences that last a lifetime. Therefore Catrina is embarking on an experiential tour with her daughter Cailee. They have visited the ocean for the first time, went to Disneyland and Cailee dressed up like Belle and had personal visits with all the princesses, she is going to plays, taking art and cooking classes, riding on a hot air balloon and that is just the beginning. What an incredible mother to bless her child with images, experiences and memories that will leave a lasting impression on her that she can re-visit and use to enhance her life. We pray for Cailee that she is able to maintain her vision, yet we know regardless of her quality of sight she will be filled with beautiful images and memories that she will cherish and use for a lifetime.

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