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Bringing Children Home

In our upcoming FundAware event, bringing children home, many questions are raised in our hearts and minds. How can we end the exploitation of human beings? How can we free the people in slavery? How does something like this happen on our planet? There are no easy or simple answers to these and many other related questions. I am focusing on what I want to expand... bringing children home... I am for something rather than against. I choose to pray for all involved. As we all join together to raise our and this planet's consciousness , as we unite together for something bigger than our selves, we have hope of creating freedom & peace for all beings, generations and life.

There is no power in all the universe more powerful, more healing, more miraculous than the heart. The power of the heart is profoundly intelligent, compassionate, wise, firey, and can create miracles and possibilities beyond comprehension and limits perceived by the mind. To live from the heart is to live a magical life that defies understanding and is infused with Grace.

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