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The trafficking of humans.

I started delving into the dark side of what's happening on this planet about 10 years ago. The most tragic and difficult thing for me to swallow, was what is happening to human beings, and specifically to children. The trafficking and sale of individuals for forced labor, militia groups, organ harvesting and, the vast majority, 75 to 80%, into the sex trade.

There is a sick element on this planet. One that does not operate through Compassion or love. But one that operates through greed, exploitation, abuse. This element preys on those in poverty. Trafficking affects every country in the world . Globally, Asia specifically Nepal, Thailand, India, Pakistan, China are top areas for human trafficking. Ghana and Uganda are the highest in Africa. In the West, Brazil leads as the number one area for human trafficking in the world . In the US, it is coastal states and those that border Mexico, as immigrants are an easy target for traffickers. Texas, California, Florida and new York see the most activity.

Because trafficking is so lucrative, making up to $ 150 billion dollars a year, it is becoming the fastest growing trade among criminal organisations. There are more slaves on the face of this planet now than ever before in the history of our world. Unlike drugs, a human being can be sold over and over. Some are promised an escape from poverty, that they will receive an education, a job. some individuals are sold by family members to traffickers, or lured over the internet. others are born into slavery.

There are many groups out there working to end this horrible crime. It is our hope that can we band together with these other groups towards a common goal.

It's a topic that most people would not choose to believe, let alone talk about. I know many of us in this room have felt a spiritual calling, a reason for being on this planet, something that drives us to make this world a better place. We spend a lot of time thinking about the light, looking towards the light. but I believe that the true test is taking our light, and shining it in the darkest places. As long as humans are being sold, and children are suffering unspeakable acts, i cannot rest, we cannot rest. As a spiritual warrior, a compassionate human, a healer, a peacemaker, we must not keep this tragedy hidden. Please help bring awareness, shed light, and empower this movement to bring this suffering to an end. The time of secrecy in our world is over. This is not just happening in the Physical Realm, this is a deficit of spirit, this is an example of how human beings on this planet are broken spiritually. Our passion and drive to bring our light and stop this crime must be greater than their greed.



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