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Spontaneous Grace

As life spontaneosly arises from moment to moment we always have choices. With all the possibilities that are available to us in any now moment, there are many things we cannot choose. One thing we cannot choose, is how anyone else feels or what anyone else thinks or does. We especially cannot control how others think and feel about us, and what they feel and think is not personal to us, actually it is personal to them... it is how they feel about themselves. How we see and think of others is a reflection of how we see and feel about our own self. On the bright side only we can choose how we feel and what we think and do. Of course there are those who are in situations where they are not fully empowered to choose what they do. However, regardless of any circumstance we are always 100% empowered to choose what we think and how we feel. Our thoughts and feelings are always our souveirgn responsibility. We are fully empowered to choose what we think and feel from moment to moment and what we think and feel has a direct affect on how our lives out manifest. Because thoughts and emotions create our out manifest reality and we are fully empowered to choose what we think and feel, we are fully empowered to co-create with life the moment to moment manifestations that arise spontaneously in our life.

When we witness with no judgment or resistance, that which is arising, we become one with life as it arises. We feel no separation from life because we are life. We keep our intended focus on the direction our hearts are aligned with in each moment. Our hearts alignment is not a temporary craving or addiction, not something we are attached to. When an opportunity arises in our realm of awareness that is more desireable to our hearts we can always change direction. This is living a spontaneous Life, flowing with the ever constant stream of grace. Loving yourself and all life with wild abandon, while respecting all life as it arises from moment to moment. We can love and respect life without engaging it, we get to choose what we engage, we get to choose what we bring our focus onto. We get to choose what we create with our awareness... where attention goes energy flows. Life is not always easy, but the challenges we go through are worth the lessons and wisdom we gain. The power we hold when deeply connected to our own innermost truth is profound. What do you want to spontaneously create today? What state of mind do you want to choose right now? All beings are always free to choose their state of mind.

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