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Musical Catalyst to the Ecstasy of our Being

Music is the most powerful catalyst for me in centering into the deepest yet all pervasive truth within and without. Music helps me to dive into the living essence of what I am. When I am deeply connected I feel home, safe, fulfilled. However, there are times sadness or grief arises. In those times I feel into the sadness and grief, or whatever is arising. I lean in and allow whatever is there to be fully acknowledged, felt and accepted. As the music stirs through my body, vibrating the cells and molecules within my being, the sadness dissolves and peace fills it's space. I become the peace itself, everywhere yet no where in particular. It is time for me to sit and dive into the musical rapture that stirs within my being. Please join me now, or anytime. Please don't put it off though, there is nothing more important. Grace 2016

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