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Grace & Bob

Bob and I decided less than two weeks ago to go to Costa Rica. In a recent blog I had explained how I was afraid of losing my farm. Well for an update and follow up on that, I spoke to the realtor, but I've emailed him if the dates work for him and I haven't heard back. That was five days ago. I'm glad I am going to check on my farm, I will feel better when I can get it all straightened out.

Bob and I leave tomorrow to Costa Rica. Bob had a work convention here in Las Vegas, and we noticed the tickets to Costa Rica were less expensive if we flew out of Vegas, so here we are.

I am not a gambler so I spent the day at Red Rock Canyon... gorgeous! Here is a picture.

However, we realized we didn't have a room for tonight. We booked a room at the Westgate... the old Hilton. We have been loving the place. Our room is exceptional. Different from the usual hotel rooms, a nice desk overlooking the valley and mountains. I asked Bob if there were any places in Las Vegas that had balconies and he said none.

Anyhow, I had a patent to fax legal zoom, I won't tell you now, but it is hopefully a great idea that hasn't been patented yet. I wanted to get it sent out before we get on the plane to Costa Rica tomorrow. After we came back from the Fedx office Bob realized he forgot his passport. He called his son right away and he was totally available to help. Bob called the same Fedx we were just at and asked them if it was sent from SLC today, could we get it by tomorrow? Bob was thinking if they couldn't get it sent in time, he could drive all the way back to SLC which is about 6 - 7 hours and then back to Las Vegas before our flight took off. The people at Fedx said the earliest they could get the passport to Las Vegas was 10 am. Fortunately our flight tomorrow is at 3pm and that gives us plenty of time to get his passport and still get on the plane at 3pm. Yip Hip Horray for Fedx, for saving the day... big time.

We went to a lovely dinner at Benihana's and it was so lovely. We are creating a new brochure for One World Humanity and we got input from everyone at the table and this is what we came up with.

"One World Humanity is a global non-profit organization creating fundraisers that support a healthy, safe, and thriving planet for all."

There is so much more to tell, we will update you on Bob's passport... arriving at Fedx by 10 am so we can get on that flight tomorrow. We'll also update you on the farm.

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