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Grace On Bob... Passport Nakedness

It is Friday morning and Bob just got a message that his passport arrived, we are very relieved because that means we can go to Costa Rica today, our flight leaves in a few hours. Thank Goodness for FedX, they really saved our day, and our vacation.

On our way to Las Vegas we stopped at our favorite hot spring... out in the boonies, only nature in all directions. Rarely do we ever get the hot springs to ourselves, actually it has been years since we've had an hour to ourselves in these desolate hot springs that clearly too many people know about and why I am not telling anyone where they are.

So we took advantage of our alone time in the natural hot springs and went clothing optional. It was glorious swimming around naked, the wind blowing, birds chirping, volcanoes in the distance and the smell of the earth all around us. The aliveness and sensuality of the experience was simply divine. When Bob wanted to go, I asked him where he'd rather be, "In a cement building with no windows or out in the raw and wild desert hot spring?" Then he told me some people were there, we were so busy chatting we didn't notice the car pull up, and two young boys came charging toward the hot spring, with our bathing suits on the other side of the spring. We darted toward our bathing suits in a flash, I quickly grabbed my bathing suit top, Bob helped me tie it up, but I didn't have time to put on the bottoms, so I just grabbed them, and in splashed the young boys and their mother right behind. Bob had his trunks on but I was still butt naked. I managed to inconspicuously put them on in the water, but they were on completely wrong. There was no way of getting out of the water with them on crooked, so Bob distracted the family while I managed underwater to get them on correctly, it only took three try's.

Maybe I should have gone when Bob wanted, or maybe not because we wouldn't have this great story to share. No regrets.

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