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Grace On Bob... Airport Adventure

We had a wonderfully smooth time getting to the airport and flew through the airport with ease and grace... NOT! Actually we are still in the airport. We are in Houston enjoying our nine hour lay over from 10 pm to 7 am... Bob got about two hours sleep and I got about two minutes power nap.

It all started when we decided to take an Uber to the airport. We left the hotel at noon and parked our car at my brother's house in Henderson and called an Uber. It was our first time using the Uber app. but we were feeling adventurous and brave in trying something we had never done before. It was pretty cool to see our Uber ride on their way to pick us up for our Costa Rica adventure.

I decided to walk up and down the street while Bob waited patiently for the Uber driver. He waited so long he lost his patience completely, especially when he saw Uber on the next road, then watched him travel off in the opposite direction, noticing he was further and further from our car. We had waited 45 minutes for the Uber ride to come, and by this time it was too late to call a good old faithful taxi, so we hurried to the airport.

We parked in the economy lot because we will be gone for two weeks and it is far less money to park the car in the economy lot. We waited... if you ask Bob about ten hours for the shuttle to the United Airlines terminal, if you ask me about ten minutes. We had a full hour before our plane boarded, over an hour before it took off. I was calm and assured we had plenty of time. Bob was very anxious, however he was profanited out by this time... he used up all his allotment of profanity for the day when Uber failed to pick us up causing us to lose 45 minutes waiting in Henderson for our Uber ride.

Bob relaxed once we got on the shuttle, he was only at an intense anxiety level rather than a severe profanity anxiety level. I was feeling good, relaxed and calm. This totally pissed Bob off, he was more upset that I was so calm. I told him the worst that could happen is we miss the plane and they put us on the next flight. He told me his chest was tight, I told him good, now you know how I feel when I am about to speak, or a fundraising event is starting in an hour. We all get nervous at times, however we all don’t get nervous about the same things or in the same circumstances. As we drove to our gate on the luxury liner shuttle, we both wondered why the driver never asked us what airline we were taking. We figured that out when we arrived and the driver told us we needed to get off the bus. We told her we were taking United Airlines and she told us we needed to wait for another shuttle, she pointed to the sign #3, and told us to wait there for the shuttle for terminal 3. “WHAT?” was Bob’s only response, other than a few words I will not repeat here so I don’t offend anyone. To be continued.

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