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Grace On Bob... Reunion!

We left the mountain hot springs resort outside of San Jose Costa Rica... we had made some lovely friends and had some wonderful times. We traveled all day across the mountain pass to the pacific ocean, it was a gorgeous drive... and a bit precarious as Bob needed to pass slow trucks loaded a mile high with junk. We stopped over in San Isidro to visit our dear friends, Douglas, Grace and Kathrine... their son Jonathan is overseas at college so we didn't see him this time. We had such a lovely visit, and synchronicity and good fortune would have it that Kathrine is excited to help One World Humanity with a Fundraiser Festival in Costa Rica next Spring.

Just when everything seems to be going uphill, we turn a corner and everything flows so magically, and pieces of the puzzle just slip into place with ease and grace. I love it when things arrange themselves and surprise us with miracles we could never have orchestrated. After Kathrine and I had discussed the International festival in Costa Rica, she helped me with a true miracle. I had told Kathrine and Grace how I was planning on traveling to the remote village where I met Georgina... hoping to see her and her family.

I met Georgina about 12 or 13 years ago. I was with my son John and we were traveling through a remote country town and there was a family walking down the road... a young mother and her four young children. She was holding a baby, and Georgina was the oldest daughter. We had an instant connection. Every time I come to Costa Rica I bring toys, clothing and food to the family. One World Humanity did a project at the local school in a close by village. We had a project at an orphanage and a couple villages not far away. However, of all the projects we've done, helping this little family was always a highlight.

What I hadn't known was that he family moved to San Jose... I would never be able to find them again, especially Georgina. However, it just so happened that Douglas, Grace and Kathrine had a connection to Georgina's family. I had met Douglas and his family years after I met Georgina, and I had absolutely no idea there was any connection between the two families.

Grace and Kathrine told me the story about Georgina and that she was living now about ten minutes from their home and five hours from her family in San Jose. They also told me that she just recently had a baby. They took me to the store so I could buy some things for the baby and took me to Georgina's home. Georgina had no idea I was coming over with Grace and Kathrine. She was completely surprised to see me, and recognized me immediately... we hugged for a long time and cried... it was a beautiful reunion I will always cherish. Hopefully it will be much shorter than five years before I am back in Costa Rica. In these past five years Georgina transformed from a young girl to a beautiful young woman.

After a long day driving, and reuniting with dear friends, Bob and I drove one last hour to the beach cottage. When we got there it was almost 11 pm and the gate was closed. I was thinking we'd need to find a hostel or sleep in the car. Fortunately Bob noticed a phone number on the sign... we were a bit nervous about calling that late, but they answered and opened the gate. We had an amazing night sleep listening to the waves on the beach and glowing with the joy of a beautiful, heartfelt reunion that was truly a miracle.

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