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Grace & Bob... Synchronicity

March 14, 2017

Grace Diaries

Costa Rica… Synchronicity

I'd like to recap some synchroncities in the airport and the beginning of our trip, to fill in some holes from my last entries and to remember all the magic that can pass so quickly and otherwise be forgotten.

Warren is the man who re-booked our United flight we missed. He is from Costa Rica and he gave us some tips and information about a club in San Jose that has many popular local bands. Even though we were upset we missed our flight to Costa Rica, if we hadn’t, we would never have met Warren and received his great information for the Festival we are planning in 2018 in Costa Rica. Also, the festival is part of the intention for the trip, and that leads us to the next synchronicity. The other gentleman we met, while drinking our low cal Starbucks caramel delight was Rodger from Australia. Not only did we get some information for the New Zealand event we are planning, Rodger also gave us a huge nugget of wisdom I shared in the first chapter.

The other huge synchronicities were through my real estate friend I was going to see as part of the intention of the trip. Two huge miracles were facilitated by him. After we left the hot springs, a day later than we expected, but synchronistically the correct day. I had realized as I pulled up the info for the beach cottages I reserved, that the reservation actually started a day later than what I thought... but the rental car was a day late. I had messed up the schedule, but the universe corrected my “mistake.” Bob and I drove all day passing over the mountains from the valley to the beach. It was a four-hour trek that is absolutely beautiful, however, a bit harrying with a narrow road with cars often passing illegally.

When we arrived in the town the realtor lived we were a bit lost. We didn’t have the realtors address… I asked him and he sent a message “My home is a block after the cemetery”. Bob and I were lost and hungry, so we just decided to stop at a pizza place that was on the side of the main road. It was out of the very busy area of town and it seemed an easy place to pull over. We had no idea where we were in relation to the realtor’s home or the cemetery. I tried to call the realtor and with the help of the young man who took our order we were finally able to get the real estate friend on the phone.

He arrived on his motorcycle to meet us at the pizza place. After lunch we followed him to his home, Synchronistically, the realtor happened to live a half mile from the pizza place. Bob and the realtor enjoyed a beer, or more accurately beers. The first miracle the realtor facilitated was Nadine. I wrote about that story in a previous entry... the reunion. I was planning on traveling to a remote village to find Nadine and her family, I have been visiting and bringing food, clothing and toys to the family for several years… every time I visit Costa Rica. I had developed a special bond with the eldest daughter of the family… Nadine. Without his family I would have never know her family moved to San Jose and Nadine moved to the same town the realtor lived in. I would have been driving out to a remote village to find no Nadine. That same evening we all went to visit Nadine, had a spontaneous baby shower for her one month old baby. That was the first miracle.

The second miracle was my realtor's daughter, Audra being home the day I arrived. I have told the story in more detail in an earlier entry. Audra had injured her knee and was staying home, while she recovered. She lives in the city of San Jose about four hours from her parents. She and I had a chance to talk and I told her of our vision for a festival in Costa Rica and she stepped into being our event coordinator. she is so excited! Audra left home for San Jose shortly after our visit. We just caught her... this is miracle two.

The last synchronicity is the people we met on the beach the first day we arrived to our beach cottage on the gorgeous pacific coast. I will tell you about it next.

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