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Costa Rica... Rich Coast

March 16, 2017

Costa Rica

The first morning we were on the beach I woke up early and Bob and I walked the beach. We walked north along the beach and by the lion rock was the most perfect swimming hole.

Two people were swimming in it when we first walked by. We walked to where the beach ended, and rocks prevented passage. It isn’t the longest beach, but it is a nice beach I can walk twice over, which I did that morning with a long meditation on a smooth rock at the end of the beach to the south. That became the routine throughout the week, with some time variations and exploring new swimming spots and new beach every day.

That first day on our way back we said hello to the couple swimming. They had just come from the Envision Festival in the next town over. They told us a lot about the festival. Neither Bob or I had ever heard of it, and Audra had mentioned it when we spoke the day before. We were curious to find out more about this event, and it just so happened that later that day when we met one of the originators of the festival. All huge synchronicity and we are planning a collaborative relationship. We had breakfast on the porch of our very small one room cottage that had a hot plate for a stove and a gas tank that leaked half way through our stay. The owners promptly fixed it, and no one died of gas poisoning, but I have a story for another day that connects to the leaky gas tank, that I am sure you will find humorous.

Later we did what all tourist want to do on their vacation… look at real estate. I was overjoyed… like a kid in a candy store, and I thought Bob was just as excited. However, after a few (Not all) days of our vacation looking for real estate, Bob let me know that he wasn’t quite as excited as myself.

When we got into Town it was very hot and very humid, and the town was over-flowing from people from Envision. I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the people and the heat. I walked down the street with Bob, hot and dehydrated, we hadn’t had breakfast yet and I was losing steam. We spotted a smoothie place and the fresh fruit smoothie was a life saver. We walked around looking for Town Real Estate… or so I thought… what I thought was the real estate office, Town Real Estate, was actually Town Realty. So we had gone to the wrong real estate office. We called the correct realtor and he was 30 minutes down the road. We pushed our appointment back a bit, had some delicious food in a cool diner and felt refreshed.

We saw a lot of properties that first day, but none that really pulled us. There were a few lots that the realtor flew by that I had seen a “for sale sign” on, that I wanted to check out. So the next day I asked Bob if he wouldn’t mind driving up that hillside to look at some other lots for sale. Bob being the amazing man that he was said sure, and I thought he was enjoying this as much as I was. So we drove around and looked for a while… finally, we saw a lot we both really liked that was within our budget. We stayed there a while, imagining where the house would be, but it seemed cramped. The views were amazing, but the lot was small. But it was the best we felt yet. We left that lot to explore more lots up the hill, but the truck we had was really light and small and couldn’t make it up the hill any further. That must have been our message to go enjoy the rest of the day.

It was about an hour before sunset and we hadn’t eaten in a while, so we went to this beautiful restaurant up on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. Bob ordered Champaign, he wanted to treat me to a nice dinner. We both got fish tacos and they were delicious. It was a magical evening watching the sunset at this beautiful view point over the ocean. It was so lovely… we got a bit tipsy and we most likely wore out our welcome.

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