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Gypsy Poland Girl

Bob and I although we were a bit tipsy we decided to go grocery shopping for some food... we went to the small health food store right as you come into town. It was late, so we were glad it was still open. We were both quite tipsy, and bold. When we were about done shopping, a basket filled with organic papaya and veggies and other yummy things to last us a few days, oh and not to forget the free range eggs to cook on our hot plate.

On the road along the beach we met an amazing woman that was selling her jewelry. She was also looking for some smoke without any luck. She was young, most likely later 20’s and traveling with her boyfriend. They had no home, they had been traveling for years, and loving it. She was from Poland, and I forget where her boyfriend was from, I think Guatemala. She shared some of her adventures with us. She and her boyfriend made jewelry, very beautiful pieces with crystals... they sold their wares to support their travels.

It was fascinating talking with the Gypsy Girl from Poland. We went back to the cottage, put the groceries away and got a good night’s sleep. We both fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow. And woke up feeling good inside, not the heaviness I’ve felt lately when I wake up in the morning. I’ve had some intense emotions arise from past experience the first two days on the beach. It felt good to not feel the heaviness this third day at the beach. Maybe Costa Rica is good for us.

I’ve always, always, all my life wanted a beach property, walking distance to the beach, preferably with a view. I hadn’t found the spot yet. I’ve been looking all my life, and I lost some ocean property in the same area of town years ago. Some pain was coming up for me during the trip... residual emotions from the painful experience in 2008 when I lost property that was promised me when my soul mate passed away. It was the most difficult time of my entire life, the dark night of the soul. I was in deep grief from losing my soul mate, my 17-year-old daughter had gotten pregnant, my son was in rehab, and I lost precious property.

I moved through the emotions and Bob being the amazing ear that he is, was a great support. He didn’t even put his devil’s advocate hat on… he knew I was a bit raw. But the intense and painful emotions passed, like everything does if it has the opportunity to be fully felt and acknowledged and not resisted or made wrong. Whatever we are feeling is never wrong… it is what it is… a feeling. Allow it to pass without resistance or judgment and it passes through quickly. Send yourself love always, and it passes through quickly. Embrace all emotions, and understand none are wrong, all have a message, and none can hurt you.

This day was all play… no real estate searches at all! We enjoyed the entire day at the cottage. We walked the beach, swam, ate on the porch, swam in the pool, played checkers and napped. It was a lovely day. We watched the sunset on the beach and the owner of the cabins invited to a local outdoor bar and grill, he was the drummer in the band.

The minute I stepped out of the car and heard the band I loved them!

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