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The Awakening That Never Ends

7 Chakras

In my meditations I focus my attention on the energy within my body, within my being. This is something I have been practicing since the 1970's when I first found Kripalu yoga. One thing I notice when I am immersed in sensation in the body, is that all the chakras work together and bringing all chakras and activating all energy fields allows the consciousness to awaken more and more deeply within the physical experience. I believe awakening is a flowering process that never ends, just as what we are never ends. The expansion of what we are never ends, love never ends, the universe never ends, life never ends.

We are electro- magnetic beings. Love is the energy that fuels our mind, bodies and souls. Love in the form of light and vibration allow our hearts to beat and lungs to breathe. The electrical vibration of our heart is the generator for the entire physical body.


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