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The FDA's War on Health

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Hundreds of supplements, nutritional herbs and natural remedies have been banned across the UK in the last decade. Is the Food and Drug Administration following suit? Here in the US, the FDA has been waging a war against vitamins, herbs, and natural supplements.

The reason? The FDA is saying that ingredients found in natural medicines may interact with prescribed pharmaceuticals. So, in essence, natural supplements should be banned so pharmaceuticals can be used without interference. This is assuming that prescribed drugs are everyone's first and only choice to take for managing their health.

With the ever increasing use of natural remedies in the US, This is an attack on personal health and medical freedom. The FDA's motives are clearly not our health. The bottom line is profit. If people achieve optimal health naturally, Big Pharma looses. Hospitals and Doctors loose. In February of 2016, Dr. Robert Califf was appointed commissioner of the FDA. Natural News reported on Califf taking money from 23 drug companies, and that he has been in high level positions at several pharmaceutical companies.

Califf has been a cheerleader of proven deadly drugs and was involved in a research fraud scandal, covered on 60 Minutes. This is who runs the FDA? The war on natural remedies, including wonder plants like cannabis, is nothing new.. As Ralph Fusetola, J.D., Council of Natural Solutions describes in the film War On Health, FDA's Cult of Tyranny, the rift goes back to 1500's England, when physicians were required to be licensed. Once that law was passed, physicians harassed alternative healers until 1546 with the creation of The Herbalist's Charter which stated that anyone with knowledge of herbs could use them. When the American colonies became independent, they adopted the charter. Author Nancy Banks, states that about 100 years ago, when the Rockefellers took over allopathic medicine, there were many types of natural medical practices and schools in the United States. There were Homeopathic and Naturopathic doctors using natural medicines, and they were having good results. When the Rockefellers took over, they shut down those schools, and promoted the sale of their drugs, surgery, and radiation.

The FDA was formed in the 1930's to regulate the food industry. It has since evolved into regulating drugs, medical devises, and just about anything that goes into the human body. In the 60's it acquired jurisdiction over safety and efficacy of drugs. Since 2011, the FDA has quietly unleashed a regulatory scheme that could ban all dietary supplements that were formulated after 1994, according to Natural News .

This comes in two phases. Phase I, threatening and raiding companies making "health claims" about their products, and Phase II, attempting to wipe out the entire industry by denying the use of ingredients found in natural supplements. The newest plant under attack is hemp, which contains cannabiniods (CBD's), but only slight traces of THC. As reported by The Event Chronicle, March 2016, the FDA is trying to destroy the hemp/CBD industry with assaults and regulatory intimidation to destroy the marketplace. Hemp oil containing CBD's are such a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, that they are invoking insane justification for outlawing them. By granting CBD's as being "investigated as a new drug" status, the FDA is attempting to regulate them out of existence as a dietary supplement. If Big Pharma wins, we all loose. The bottom line is, our freedom of health, freedom of choice and freedom of lifestyle is being attacked by a Goliath. It's up to us to stand together against it.

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.'"-Thomas Jefferson

-Eiya .

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