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We the People

We have an opportunity.

As a nation, we are going into uncharted territory. We may fear our new leader will take our country backwards in human rights, basic decency and respect for one another. What is occurring is beyond political. It is personal. That is why, right now, we have an opportunity. To dig down and find what we are made of. What deeply angers each of us can be a source of our personal passion. How will we channel that? Who will we stand with and what will we stand for? What defines us as human beings. Our ability to judge and condemn or love and unite? This is an opportunity to see parts of ourselves, the speaker, the activist, the blogger, the researcher, the teacher, that we didn't know existed. To be out in the world with our vision, our commitment, our passion for a country and world WE want to see, WE THE PEOPLE want to create. Now is the time. We must take the opportunity to be our BEST selves, uniting with a message of freedom, equality, and justice. When we come together in our hearts, we are working in the realm of the unseen, where miracles happen.

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