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Commitment to Love

The most powerful thing we can do to bring peace on earth, to eradicate the exploitation, hatred, and unkindness that happens on this planet is go within and find the peace that you deeply, truly are.

From these depths of peace and connection to your own being you may be guided into action. This action will be supported by the universe, it may not be supported by those around you that don't understand or what you do brings up fear and uncertainty, however, it will be supported by the power of love.

We are committed to love and that isn't an easy task when someone around us is unloving, however, that is when we answer their call for love with love. As we commit more and more deeply to love we commit more and more deeply to respond to every call for love with love.

The hearts path is always the most joyous path, the highest possible destiny, the grandest design.

Not that the hearts path won't lead to grief or sadness at times, because the heart feels a deep compassion for all life. However, when the heart feels fully, without holding back, the grief and sadness is not suffering.

The heart when allowed to lead all the choices and actions in life from moment to moment will take you on the highest path to your highest passions and destiny.

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