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Shame & Infinite Awareness

Unworthiness and shame . . . we don't want to think about these words.

We try to ignore them, we are afraid of them. Shame cuts us to the core, it is the last lesson. It is the lesson we try to avoid . . . we will learn any lesson before we face this one. We don't want to look at the shame because we believe it is true . . . so we avoid it, deny it, step around it, overlook it. We are resistant to even looking at it, it is terrifying, it threatens our survival . . . that is why it is often the last lesson. And the lesson is to see that there is no shame within you, there is only love and innocent confusion.

It only threatens the survival of a "separate person," yet it blinds us from the truth that exists within us that we are infinite awareness, wholly innocent Presence, eternally powerful, magnificent Grace

Excerpt from the book I Only Ask One Thing

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