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A Powerful Season of Love

The holiday season offers a great opportunity to receive the powerful energies of love, healing, and light that are flowing into the planet. Many traditions around the globe celebrate a spiritual event during the month of December. When many people all over the planet celebrate simultaneous spiritual holidays an energy is created that is available to all beings on the planet. It is an energy that is simply available to all, and is freely given.

If you want to take advantage of this powerful energy, love, and light that is pouring into this planet at this time of year, open your heart to receive it. Take some extra time this month to meditate, connect deeply to the deepest core of your being and simply receive.

The Hearts Path

When all the world screams it's many voices and opinions, how do we know what our heart is saying? When those around us are pulling and pushing us in different directions, how do we know what way our heart wants to take us? I know for myself, being a sensitive and an empath, all the many voices and pulls from others can create confusion and lack of clarity. Taking time to be still & quiet is how we can access our hearts.

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