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My Name is Diane, and Yoga is my Passion!

About 27 years ago I attended my first Yoga Class. It was a gentle class and focused on breathwork and intention setting. My intention was in the form of asking a profound unanswered question regarding creation. I was driving home after class and “out of the blue” ……. An answer to my question floated into my awareness! Wow, I was touched, amazed and impressed with this thing called “Yoga”. I returned to the same class several times over the next few months with the same results. I realized that within myself, there was a higher Self that contained the Universe and everything I wanted or needed to know. I had it all!

I always remembered the magic of Intention setting within the practice of Yoga. Fast forward to 2010…… Like most humans, I was always interested in the latest greatest transformation techniques. I was surfing on Facebook when an old friend of mine posted his picture after a 30 day Hot Yoga Challenge. He had lost weight and his face was aglow with clarity!!!! The following day I signed up for Hot Yoga and began my physical practice of Yoga. I went to class every day in an effort to obtain the same benefits as my friend. I began to lose stubborn weight and my skin became clearer; however, I also began to realize the intelligence of my body. I chose to eat healthier and my intuitive self-grew stronger. I realized that which I had been seeking in Life was not “out there” or “up there” – but resided within myself. The way out was in through the body!

I have been practicing regularly since 2010. I find joy as I enter the Yoga Studio and place my mat down in the space where I connect with The Presence through breath and asana. I received my teaching certification in December 2014 from Santosh Maknikar at Santosh Yoga Institute. Currently teach at Yoga Sunne in Cottonwood Heights for the past year. It is wonderful to get paid for what you love to do! Last November, I was divinely inspired to open a small studio in my basement – I listened and have been clearing, cleaning and creating the space for us to practice the Presence. My Heart Centered Yoga Studio opens May 1st!

For class and location details visit May 6th, 2017 Join me at the Spring

Yoga Festival ( I am teaching at 3:00 PM – Main Hall – It’s An Inside Job

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