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Connection with Self & self

What is the connection with the expanded Self and the human self?

Another great question Mama's you are so inquisitive, I love it, and I love you with all my heart. The question could also be "What is the One Self, the Self and the self?" Because all that is, comes from the One Absolute Self, then that One extends itself to create an Eternal Self, Infinite Soul Power, ever-expanding Life Force Energy Self, which can express itself in infinite forms, can expand into infinite experiences, lifetimes, bodies, planets, universes, dimensions, emotions, depths of being beyond human comprehension. Nothing can exist without the One, the Absolute Source of all existence, and everything is connected to and one with the One. The One is creative and creates without end by extending It's purest love... hence an Infinite Soul Power is born. The One, Absolute is everywhere, in everything at all times and all eternity... lives in the eternal here and now.

However, with that intro I can go more finite for you. Everyone's expanded Self or Infinite Soul Power is individualized, it has a unique capacity to love, it has it's own wisdom, it has it's own lifetimes and experiences that are unique to it. It has it's own preferences and soul connections, purposes, power and it vibrates at a unique frequency that is unlike any other Soul Power in all the Universes and non universes. This is what we return to when we pass from a human experience... we return back to our true nature, our Infinite Soul Presence. This Self has finished it's purpose as a physical expression. It can come back at anytime and experience another physical expression or expressions. It can come back onto this planet or others, or both simultaneously. However, we cannot incarnate onto a planet unless our vibrational frequency is in the range of that planet. This is why we love to raise our vibration. This law is in place on your earth plane. You will not attract people and places for long if you don't vibrate at their frequency. You are where your frequency vibrates, that dictates a lot more than you know. Your Infinite Self is in charge of far more than you realize.

Then there is the self, the human self experiencing a human life. A temporary experience you very deliberately choose and planned and orchestrated for your and other's highest good. To learn and grow and expand your Infinite Soul Power. All the aspects of your being are equal and equally valuable. They are all extensions of the One Absolute Self that makes up all that is. The human self has a ray of your Infinite Soul Power extended into the human body. A fraction of your life force energy animates the body while the Eternal Self or Soul Power watches over and guides your life. You also have other's in the spiritual realm that help and guide your human life. You come down to experience human life for multitudes of purposes and reasons, and every human and every lifetime has a distinct and unique purpose. All very important to your Soul growth.

More to Come!

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