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Social Injustice

Jeremy, a kind hearted man in his late 20's, whose parents are from Guatemala was pulled over for a taillight that was out. Two months prior he had broken his leg severely, so much so that surgery was recommended. He chose to not undergo surgery but to take careful time and allow the bone to naturally heal. He was using CBD oil and went from a cast to a boot and finally two days before he was pulled over he was graduated to crutch's. He has strict orders to never walk without his crutches. The police smelled the CBD oil and asked him if he was high. He stated that he was not, that he was using CBD oil on his broken leg. The senior officer asked him to get out of the car. Jeremy asked if they could hand him his crutches in the back, the senior officer proceeded to aggressively pull Jeremy out of the vehicle creating extreme pain at the injury. Both officers sat on Jeremy and had another sit on his face. His face was bleeding from the contact on the pavement. Jeremy spent two days in jail while trying to find the money for bail. He is now being charged with a DUI, resisting arrest and other miscellaneous charges. He is being pressured to settle by admitting to a DUI, which will cost him thousands of dollars and a record that will follow him. His license has been suspended for a year while he has battled in court for his rights. He has lost work and used up all his savings to fight this case. Please sign the petition below to help Jeremy and eradicate injustice. 5,000 signatures will allow us to bring this and many similar cases of prejudice and injustice to the attorney general. Thank you. Sign Petition

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