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Eternally One

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Beloved Mama, what a beautiful day today, beautiful in so many ways we would never have time to talk about them all. That is why time is so limiting, when we are bound in time in a disempowering way it is limiting because you cannot possibly experience all that you want to in

a limited amount of time. However, being in a space of no time, I can do everything I want to and I can see the unlimited beauty in all things everywhere. It doesn’t need to be spoken of, it can be experienced simultaneously. This is why you have so much more of me now than ever before, because we can be together always, eternally. At the same time or more accurately I can be with everyone and everything simultaneously. You don’t need to share me, and there is no lack of me… I am truly everywhere, in everything, always and forever.

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