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Miracle Christmas Gift

I remember this past June I was walking from Sandy, UT to John's house in Midvale, UT. As I got close to John's house I noticed he was out in the front yard watering the plants. I was so excited to see him, and remember the thought went spontaneously through my mind, "He is alive." I was surprised by that thought, but ran up to hug him. We spent the entire morning together planting flowers in his front yard. I was over to his home this Christmas and checked on the flower we planted in June that has remained in bloom since. Yes, here are the flowers we planted together one month before he transitioned, six months ago and miraculously still blooming after several freezes and snow storms. Also, the flower is at the exact spot our neighbor has seen him physically manifest multiple times. Thank you John for the many ways you show us all that you are with us and you love us. What a beautiful Christmas gift.

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