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World Peace

As I stated in my one video interview, "World peace, absolutely, ending war, sure." I spoke this confidently as a human man because it is certain, it is just a matter of time, and all time is an illusion. Illusion or not it is up to us to use time for peace or to use time to delay peace. We use time for peace by finding peace within ourselves in this very moment. As we all know there is no other moment that exists than now, so it is wise to ask ourselves, are we using this moment to be peace? Are we allowing a space within our own mind for peace now? These questions lead the entire planet to expedite world peace. World peace begins with accepting peace within your own mind, body, heart and soul right here, right now. Regardless of the external circumstances. This is how powerful YOU are in the global movement for world peace, this is how huge your role is in ending all war on the planet.

When you end war in your external world, and you provide an example for all beings to end war within themselves, together we create world peace. The end of the internal war is guaranteed, the time is optional, and there is no better time than now. Remember, whenever you find yourself less than deeply peaceful you can always choose again for peace now.

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