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Filling the Cup So it Can be Empty

The title sounds contradictory, however you cannot fill a cup up unless it is empty. So wouldn't it seem logical if you want to fill your cup to empty it, or at least make sure there is enough space to hold that which you want to fill it with. Is seems an empty cup is as valuable as a full cup, they are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other, at least as a possibility.

In our lives we tend to fill our cups... fill our minds with information, wisdom, and knowledge. Fill our days with things to do and tasks to take care of. However, we rarely take the time to be empty, to create space, to visit stillness so we have room for all those brilliant ideas, all that great stuff we want to enjoy.

Having a practice of soaking in the knowledge, wisdom and grace, balanced with allowing everything to wash away so your consciousness can be clear, the white board of your mind can be wiped clean is a most efficient way to be free and fulfilled in life.

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