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Highlight on Phillip Nichols Pranasana Yoga

Pranasana Yoga (pronounced “prawn ah’ saw na”) is a new style of yoga that is “prana-centric” or energy focused, as opposed to “asana-centric” or body focused. This way of practicing movement, breath work and meditation together can be thought of as doing yoga as a form of energy work. Each group energy work session involves cleansing, energizing and, most importantly, reprogramming consciousness for higher functioning while being bathed in Tibetan and crystal sound bowls. The combination of practices creates a cocktail of inner transformation that is both immediate and lasting. Most sessions are done sitting in a chair and do not require a yoga mat nor a bendy body which makes this way of practicing yoga accessible to everyone. If you can breathe…you can play!!! Participants often experience insights and emotional releases that are similar in nature to what can be expected from plant medicine ceremonies at a fraction of the cost. Classes, private healing sessions, workshops, training and Hape Ceremonies are currently being offered by Yogi Tenzin at Life Force Healing and Yoga Center. Please visit or Facebook page, Life Force Healing and Yoga Center for more information. The Wednesday night Heart Practice is a great place to start. 7-9PM 20$ Yogi T.K.Tenzin brings teachings from many traditions into these practices and has been teaching for over 10 years and these sessions will rock your world! Sensation and transformation are guaranteed!!!

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