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Grace News October 2018

John spent the summer in Boston with his cousins in 2008. They had many wonderful adventures, he traveled all over the state to make sure he visited all his cousins on both sides of the family. He lived with my sister and her five boys... his greatest fans other than myself and his sister. Towards the end of the visit he lost his drivers license. His cousins told me that when he exhausted his search he smiled and looked at them and said "Are you guys interested in joining me on a bus trip across the country?" Of course they did. They talk about that trip a lot. Most of all they said that John watched over them the entire trip. They also said that he talked to everyone. That they would be sleeping and wake up suddenly and see John and hear him talking to yet another stranger. They said he must have talked to 50 plus people, always connecting in love and interest as to what they are up to in life, and of course sharing his virtuous ideals.

We just had a very successful One World THRIVE, Halloween Bash on October 13h. Our costume contest winners were Lucky Lendy, Johnny, and Bob Nielsen. Thank you all for supporting the annual Halloween Bash. We raised $200, thank you to all the very generous people who contributed to the Costa Rica Project. We will be visiting villages and schools in January of 2019.

We are looking forward to the 22nd annual One World UNIFY event at Libby Gardner Hall with Talia Keys raising money for addiction and John's Place Recovery. We will have our Year of Miracles for all those who wish to go through 2019 with A Course in Miracles. Then we will have our UNITY award, Creating Your Wildest Dreams in 2019 and then our concert with Talia. All are welcome who come in peace, love offering.

As for me personally, I have worked tremendously hard since my baby boy transitioned into the other side, which he calls a greater reality. I will be celebrating the EVOLVE beach party in Costa Rica and then taking a couple months to be on sabbatical. I want to spend the majority of my time channeling John and his messages. See what happens from there.

I will be teaching an Ecstatic Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training in Lava Hot Springs in June. I am also planning a year of traveling the world with Grace On Fire maybe 2020, if you know of anyone who would like to be filmed for an evolutionary conversation you can contact us on OneWorldCommUnity.Com.

I wish you infinite love and joy this day and all days. I hope to see you in person and look into one another's eyes and see yet another perfectly unique creation of the Divine Grace that moves and flows through all life at all times and for all eternity.

More pics from his summer in Boston

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