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Grace On Fire Highlight: Norman Zurn

My name is Norman Zurn, a simple old soul, born to a great mother, Vivian Zurn, in Arnolds Park, Iowa. It’s been a great ride. My youngest son, Nicholas Zurn, after taking his own life, has become my trailblazer. He was, and still is an awesome spirit, a spirit of love, whose goal is to shed some wonderful energy wherever I land.

Yes, I’m a Communication’s professor. Something I never could have dreamed or considered growing up. I take it seriously, even today with some uncertainty we are all experiencing. It’s a time for me and us to all shine. I’ve decided to call each of my students personally. I believe they appreciate it. It’s just a small way I can continue to be relevant in my life. We should all do our own part. Each of us is special, so we all live for a reason – now is our time to shine.

I was raised a Quaker (or my wife would say that I was a Monk in my past life – I believe her), then an active Mormon, now a simply spiritually based human. I have much to be grateful for. I enjoy speaking publicly on occasion on matters that seem important to me, hopefully to those who are within hearing range. I’ve written a couple pretty neat books; I just can seem to finish the three new ones that keep dancing in my mind. Time will tell.

I believe we should continue to share our talents – they weren’t for us – they were given us to share with others. Many times, we should help others understand how significant they are. Each of us is significant. There are no exceptions.

Now is the time to reach out to others, particularly the younger and older among us. They cherish our touch, our thoughts, our love.

God bless you all. Let’s keep each other in our thoughts, prayers and actions.

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