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Gratitude Attracts Good

Gratitude and love go hand in hand and are certainly the highest powers that exist. When you live your life in a state of gratitude and love your vibrations resonate with Heaven and Heaven on Earth. You naturally attract all that is good and aligned with goodness. You create waves of love, light and hope in your own body and energy field and out into the world. You create inner peace and help create world peace. You become a blessed gift to your own life and all that exists in the Universe.

Focus your attention on being grateful, on all that you are grateful for, all the blessings in your life. See the cup half full, notice all that is good in your life because that which you focus on you will create more of. Chant silently to yourself “Thank you, thank you, thank you” over and over and over again until you feel some relief from upsetting emotions and begin to feel a deep sense of inner peace. Gratitude allows you to be in a state of receptivity, calling in more and more good your way. Practice being grateful and open yourself up to receive all that brings you joy and fulfillment.

You will not only be serving yourself, your life but all.

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