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Meditation for a Miracle Mind

In times of conflict and upset the mind is often working overtime, frantically attempting to survive the circumstance and spinning out in unconscious disturbing thoughts. This is a good time to take a break from the chaos of the mind and quiet the mind. Find some time to simply be, focus on your breath or an inspiring word or vision to slow your mind down, quiet your racing thoughts and relax. The disturbances of the mind are like a choppy lake during a storm… so many waves and white caps that the reflection of the sky cannot be realized. Once the storm passes and the lake is smooth again, the sky, the surrounding trees and nature are all reflected upon the lake. When emotions and inner conflicts are stormy you are unable to access the infinite inner wisdom of your soul, you are unable to access the peace that is eternally present. Meditation quiets the mind, stills the emotions and allows the inner peace that is eternally present to reflect in your present moment awareness.

Meditation when done regularly cultivates a quiet mind and peaceful heart, it allows your true Divine Nature to radiate into your daily life and bring not only peace but awakening to a new state of consciousness that is ever expanding in love and grace. Miracles are natural when we align with the vibration of the miraculous, and when our minds are still and peaceful miracles are abundant and arise naturally without effort.

The easiest way to meditate if you are new to meditating is to simply sit for 10 minutes and focus on an anchor like your breath or a word or vision that inspires peace. If you notice thoughts arising, whether good or disturbing simply bring your attention back to your anchor with complete peace and understanding. Find a regular time to meditate and commit to this for a 30 day period. This will bring great healing to your mind and allow deeper, higher, wiser inner powers to begin to direct your life and way of being in life. Raise your vibrations and therefore raise all that you attract into your life. There is no limit to the good you can receive in your life, the love you can give and receive.

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