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Prayer is Power

There is no limit to the power of prayer and you are always free to pray for help, pray for the highest and greatest solution, pray for insight, learning and growth, pray for a message, pray for a miracle. Pray to your higher Self, your angels, guides, the Universe, the God of your understanding and trust that you will receive the help you need. It may not be the help your mind thinks it needs or wants, but you will receive the help you need. Be open to receive all possibilities for your highest and greatest good, even if it is a possibility you cannot imagine now. Trust that your higher Self, guides, angels and Heavenly helpers are real and available to help you, yet you need to ask.

There is no special way to pray, simply ask the God of your understanding, your higher Self authentically and honestly from your heart that which you are desiring, then let go of the outcome with affirming “God Willing, God Speed and This or Better.”

Don’t give up on your prayers, that which is true to your heart will come to pass, however often it is not on your timeline. Your prayers are always answered in accordance to Divine Timing because the infinite Self knows the most perfect time for all things to come to fruition. When you pray to the God of your understanding, your higher power and higher Self, then let the prayer go, surrender the outcome to the higher powers at be. Watch attentively for how you can be in Divine Action, stand in your power as a cooperative partner with the Universe. Watch observantly for opportunities… someone may call you with an opportunity, you may run into someone, opportunities and possibilities abound, you just need to be open, unattached and flexible to how they will manifest for you. Prayers are always answered, yet not always in the way we imagine. Prayer has a powerful impact in our lives, use this silent, invisible yet tremendously powerful gift and watch your life transform before your eyes.

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