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Basking in the Light of the One

Everything is connected and one at the core of and deepest aspect of their being which is also the Source of their being, Source of All that is. To know in your heart and Mind that there is One Source of All That Exists, WOW! Then when you know deep within your being that that Source of All That Is, Is All Good, All Loving, and All Fair, then you can simply relax into that Presence and bask in the nectar of your own being and all your loved ones can join you. Basking in the light, filling your body, mind and soul with light and ecstasy from the Heavens and Source of All That Is. There is never a bad time to bask in the light of your Divine Self and it is always a good time to bask in the light of your truest magnificent nature.

Nothing in the Universe is limited, this is an Infinite Existence within an Eternal Universe, or your mind may rather hear it as a Eternal Existence within an Infinite Universe, same, same. Does it ever matter where we are? If there really is no time, which is the same as Eternal time, then we can just be grateful for this moment in time we are blessed to consciously experience.

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