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Divine Orchestration Based in Love

Nothing has occurred in our lives that is a failure, even those things you deeply regret are not mistakes. We truly live in a Divinely Orchestrated Universe. Everything that happens is a gift and we learn and grow from it all and we are here to learn, grow and share our love. We have a tremendous amount of love to share and that is part of our gift to humanity, our gift to ourselves and to the planet and all her inhabitants.

Love is the greatest power in the Universe and love will always reign... always, always reign. Our purpose first and foremost is to share our love to all. That is our purpose and with that comes many miracles, many opportunities, many people we help and a tremendous amount of love and power that is released and shared.

This is a special time because we are on the upswing of a HUGE shift in consciousness for the entire planet. Those who are aligned with the higher vibrations will be a part of this transition and those who are not able to raise their vibration will remain in the vibration they are in and always have the opportunity to rise above to bliss.

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