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Peace Is A Choice

The subject of peace is at hand today. Because the focus is on peace today it will allow the vibrational frequency of your entire body to rise to higher and higher heights. All are welcome who come in peace.

Be responsible for your state of mind, you can choose peace even when other’s are not being kind, you are responsible for your peace of mind regardless of what is going on around you. When you don’t allow what others are extending from their vortex to hurt you, even if it seems to be targeted towards you then you can choose peace for yourself unconditionally. When you get out of other’s business, don’t make anything they do or say mean anything, especially anything dis-empowering about your self and stay in your own business of being responsible for and committed to your own peace of mind you become free in ways you never imagined.

What others say cannot affect you unless you allow it, don’t allow it, because everyone is talking about themselves... what others say to you is how they feel about themselves, so don’t waste your time being upset about others and their interpretations and energy because it simply is not your business, and you don’t want to turn your back on your own precious self, the one you are responsible for by giving your power away to someone you are not responsible for.

Stay in your power, stay in your peace, remain rooted in your own greatness and bring your energy, attention and affection towards your own Soul Power, keeping your words, thoughts, and vibrational frequency high… in love, gratitude, peace and joy. Be the light and shine so bright that no darkness can threaten you, no negativity can follow you because your light, your love and your dedication to Truth is strong, powerful and consistent. Like attracts like and as you become the light, joy and peace that you are, that is what you will attract.

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