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The Universe Has A Plan

No one ever knows anything, we think we do, but life is a moment to moment unfolding and there is a reason why we don’t know, because we are evolving through time as a physical being and in the not knowing we learn and grow and soon we are just ok with not knowing anything and living completely spontaneously in the moment.

Every soul has a unique plan, a plan different from others and although plans connect others plans are different from all others because no one lives and plans their lives exactly the same. To surrender to the moment rather than being attached is the freest way to live. The mind tries to know and plan, but it never truly knows and it’s plans are always being changed, that is why adjusting to plan B, C, D and even Z is a great way to live.

The Universe and God do have a plan, that I can assure you and once you have let go of the mind and allow the Soul to completely take over the physical life, you are completely free to live in the moment unattached and joyously surprised in each present moment.

Nothing is separate. John, The Beloved OneWorldHumanity.Com

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