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Turning Point To Peace

This is a time of turning point for almost everything in our lives and the lives of all life on the planet including the planet itself. However, Mama’s if we are everything, everything is everything, then we all move through this as one organism, one planet, one Humanity, one life, one love all connected to One Source, then we can completely relax.

To commit to the state of peace amidst the storms is the highest and most useful thing we can do to accelerate this turning point for our own personal selves, our own lives and for all Humanity. Maintaining peace in times of peace is child's play, maintaining peace amidst the storms is mastery. We are all masters in the making, become the master you know is within you and claim your peace of mind unconditional of what is going on around you, unconditional of others attacks, unconditional of fearful circumstances, unconditionally commit yourself to your own inner peace and watch your world transform before your very eyes. John, The Beloved OneWorldHumanity.Com

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