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Choose Peace Now and Be Free

Messages4Humanity Sept. 13, 2020, OneWorldStudio.Com, The Radio.

Beloved Human Family, we are in an auspicious time on planet earth, the time we are destined as a humanity to come together to transform the human race and life on Earth. Often there needs to be a significant threat to the survival of a species in order for the species to come together and evolve to a higher level of existence that not only removes the threat of survival but also provides a greater and higher level of existence in that the entire species thrives productively and positively together.

This coming together is the most important and crucial element in the transformation of the species to a thriving and abundant evolutionary state of existence. The question is how do we come together at a time of such great divisiveness as a species?

Do we create a situation where the species is clearly threatened so there is an authentic coming together? Or would that create even more divisiveness? Are we able to evolve naturally into a mature level as a species that we choose intelligently without a threat to come together for the good of the entire species? How bad does it need to get before humans can put aside their differences and come together for peace?

You see human beings often cannot see when things get so bad because they adjust and become comfortable in lesser and lesser freedom until they are conditioned like a rat in a cage, happy to run circles in their treadmill going nowhere all day long. As long as they feel safe and don’t feel their little cage is threatened, Human beings can endure great stress and adjust to even the most barren of circumstances, planning a global wake up call is very tricky because so much causes separation rather than connection and humans often would rather unite while fighting against something that creates more separation rather than coming together for the good of all.

In the higher realms there is only coming together for something, in the higher realms there is only unifying for the good of all, in the higher realms there is only evolving, transforming and waking up to greater, higher and more joyous possibilities.

We are experimenting to see if humans can come together for peace on earth, by committing to peace within their own mind, body and soul.

Today’s message is for all those who truly desire personal peace and global peace and are beginning to contemplate a life and world where peace reigns and creativity, love, vibrant health and self-expression flourish.

All is truly well in the Universe and in Reality and nothing can alter that Truth. However, there is a part of the collective mind that sleeps and dreams of fear and separation and a world that mirrors those fears. It is time for humanity to wake up, fully awaken to the Reality within that peace and innocence are safe and waiting now and at all times with wide open arms.

Take time throughout each day to remind yourself that peace on Earth begins with your own commitment to choosing inner peace now… regardless of circumstances, regardless of the past, regardless of anything peace is here now always, choose peace now and be free.


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