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Cleaning the Closet of Humanity


September 1, 2020

Beloved Human Family,

We are truly in an auspicious time in the timeline of Earth and Humanity.

We are now in the very infancy of our spiral upwards as a human race on planet Earth, the dawn has just begun to peak its head and we have just now begun our ascent upwards to a New World.

As I have mentioned in many past channelings, this spiral upward will be several decades and each decade will expand upon the next to greater and greater heights. There is a lot of work to do in clearing up the toxic corrupt wasteland of humanity, there is a lot of work to do to shift all hearts from fear to love, to heal bodies that are dying of disease from toxic lifestyles, farming, processing of foods, air quality, water quality. As a humanity we will be coming together to bring a powerful positive impact for good for all humanity and the planet earth.

In a sense we have pulled everything out of the dirty, disorganized closet and it is time now in Earth time to sweep the closet clean and be very particular as to what we want to put back into our closet. We will need to throw a lot out that no longer serves our highest and greatest good as a human family and race of highly intelligent beings.

We will want to be very organized as we fill the closet back up with clean, shiny, functional resources that will serve all of humanity in powerful and beautiful ways so that we all can be free, fully self-expressed and joyously alive. We are creating Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth is not only possible it is already here, the distracted mind simply doesn’t see it because it is distracted with thoughts of separation and fear. As we heal the fear and false separation within our own mind, because we are all joined like a large Aspen grove of trees, we help other minds heal and as more and more minds heal, a mass affect is natural and all minds will eventually heal. Healed minds inevitably sources a healed humanity and world. It will take time, and time we have. We have created the illusion of time to allow the mind to crawl it’s way out of the illusion of separation and fear and emmerge into the Reality of Oneness and Love.

We will all be going through this major transformation together, helping one another in every way possible, coming together to save not only the human species but heal the entire planet. Human beings are the biggest problem on this planet, before humans existed on Earth all life co-existed naturally and there truly was and will be once again Peace On Earth.

I may sound redundant in my counsel to focus on your vibration and raising your vibration to the highest frequency of love possible, however this is what I will continue to repeat because it is the number one most important and productive way to transform not only your life but life on earth. In coming together to raise the vibration of your moment to moment conversations, thoughts, actions and energy we will create Heaven on Earth.

It is a commitment and when we become committed to peace, committed to keeping our conversations, thoughts and actions at a high frequency regardless of circumstances, unconditionally, we can truly move mountains. Anything is possible and nothing is impossible. That is how powerful we are as a humanity, as an intelligent, creative and genius race.

I would invite you today to begin to think of all of Humanity as one organism and you have the privilege and honor of cleaning up and transforming a small portion of the organism, knowing the individual aspect you are cleaning up affects and impacts the entire organism. However, it is important that you keep your focus on the corner of the Universe you are responsible for cleaning up and don’t go abandoning your post to help clean up a different job. Your life and your vibrational frequency is your responsibility and your part to play in this global awakening.

Now let me give you an example. If we are on an assembly line to build a car and you have been given the job of putting on the wheels. One day you look over and notice that Bobbie on the line isn’t putting the steering wheel on correctly, so you abandon your post to correct Bobbie and help him do his job. Well, first of all Bobbie’s job may be to just slap that wheel on anyway so when the car gets to Jenny she can adjust it correctly. You don’t know the details of anyone else’s job except your own and if you abandon your post the car will come out of the shoot with no wheels.

Now with that said if someone is not doing their job correctly then training needs to be done and is quite appropriate, however allow those whose job is to train others to do their job and you keep diligent with your mission of putting on the wheels all will work out wonderfully.

This is true also for the global awakening and transformation of humanity. Your job is to be YOU, to be your authentic self, to heal your thoughts of anything less than peace, to keep your vibration high, to share your gifts and talents and do what brings you joy. To live as fully, authentically and fearlessly in love and grace. Humanity needs you as much as a car needs wheels, and even if you cannot see at the crucial importance of your purpose for existing as a human being at this time, you can have faith and trust that at some point it will be clearly obvious what a treasure you are to all of humanity and the planet as a whole.

Stay in your own business, if your business is to serve and help others wonderful, however don’t give your power away to others. You are your own source of everything including love, abundance, creativity, joy. Stay autonomous within your own vortex, rooted and grounded in your own being, focused on your purpose, not worried or distracted by others, not enabling others but empowered in your own purpose, supportive of all the team, knowing the greatest support you can provide is to be committed to and focused on your own high vibration and divine purpose. When you are empowered, aligned, peaceful and free you have far more energy and power to serve others and all of humanity.

The source of all the energy, love, power, creativity, freedom, wisdom, beauty and grace you will ever need is within you. You are the Source of your abundance, self confidence, love, creativity, security and deep fulfilment. Staying focused on loving your Self deeply, madly, truly is the single most powerful action any human being can take. The next most powerful vibrational is to be grateful for all the beauty and greatness that blesses and surrounds you.

I will leave you with these two most powerful practices Self Love and Gratitude. Self Love can take many forms yet they all extend from the authentic alignment of being your truest deepest Self. I send you all my greatest love and light, knowing you have infinite access to infinite love and light from within you always, always and forever more, all my love to you,

John The Beloved.


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