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Connection Equals Power

Messages4Humanity 1-8-21

It has been said that two are more powerful than one, however what has always been known to be true and an even more powerful truth is that when two unify a vision, an intention or dream they are more powerful together than if they created that vision separately.

With this said, think of how powerful a large group of people could be coming together… for good intent? With this concept we can use it for purposes for good, for healing and for the evolution of our species and planet.

All of life is intrinsically connected, when you look at our planet from the moon it appears to be one entity, one organism, one body… and it is, just like your body is one body. Yes, you have many life forms living in and on your body, microscopic bacteria in your intestines, microscopic eye lash creatures, trillions and trillions of separate life forms live in and on your body… yet you are one body, one person, one life expression. All the life that lives together on the planet Earth as well as in and on your body need to work together cooperatively to create a healthy environment for life.

Thought is a powerful energy that affects all that is, yet it affects the mind the thought is generated from and given attention to more than anything. One of the most efficient and powerful ways to transform your life and life on planet Earth is to use the power of Thought infused with great love.

To become a master of your own mind is to know there are two places your mind can go at anytime… Truth or Illusion, Love or Fear, Peace or Conflict, Oneness or Separation… and powerfully choosing for peace. In this way you keep it simple and you know when you have become less than loving or peaceful you have entered into illusion, fear, lies, sickness, distraction, delusion, neurosis, disempowerment, negativity, low vibration, separation, avoiding responsibility and loss of connection. Fear is innocent confusion that can be healed when we choose again for peace.

When our minds enter into separation and fear, the mind is in illusion, and even though it has a faint awareness of the Truth, it is challenging to bring the deluded mind back to Reality. Challenging unless you practice over and over and over again, unless you discipline the mind in a way that you allow the wiser, adult mind to take over immediately, let go of the lies the mind is gripped by, take responsibility for your thoughts and your part in the decent into hell.

An energy can build up, a power can begin to take over where you are no longer tempted by the lies of the ego mind, that you recognize the delusion, that you have been temporarily tricked by the ego mind… you simply take your attention away from those thoughts that are not even who or what you are. When you let go of the negative disturbing thoughts and consciously bring your attention to thoughts that bring you joy, soon the fearful part of the mind disappears and you are free.

One thing that is very important is that nothing, nor no one can do this for you. Not even God. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t have a tremendous amount of help, however God doesn’t have control over your separate mind, only you do. So it is wholly your responsibility to at the very least to recognize you are in need of help, that you have slipped into a state of hell, you have fell down the rabbit hole, you have been tempted by illusion and lies. You are half way home at this realization… you are at least no longer in complete denial and blindness of the fact that your mind has entered into hell, conflict and separation.

Once you are half way, you still have work to do to get your mind back into a state of health, reality, wisdom and Truth. This is when you put your tools to work and create the effort needed to allow the Spiritual Presence, God, Soul, Holy Spirit to assist.

Upset= Innocent Confusion, Calling for Love, thought based in Illusion and separation from Self and Reality.

Healing= Calling for help, letting go, turning it over to God, shifting perception, choosing again for peace.

It is as simple as being in non judgement and peace or judgement and conflict.

Think about it… When you have a position you are defending, a judgement you are being right about, and making other’s wrong for, projecting your own stuff, avoiding responsibility for your own projections you simply are not joyous and free. When you are at peace, when you are responsible and present to only love you cannot help but be alive, joyous and free.

These concepts have been discussed in many of our channeling's and books, yet we still get confused and gripped and triggered. And it seems the triggers are more intense than ever, not because you have relapsed but because as the ego dies it begins to panic and scream with its last bit of energy to get your attention. They are patterns and wounds that have been established over many years and sometimes lifetimes and go very deep.

However, don’t let deep or long scare you because a shift in perception can heal the deepest, longest wound ever in an instant. This Holy Instant I Give to You… Be You in Charge. However, first you must put forth your small effort, and that no one can do for you. You need to be awake, aware and wise enough… even if just a pinch of wisdom and clarity… to break free.

John, The Beloved


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