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Forgiveness Ends All Fear

February 3, 2021 part one

All is truly wonderful in the Universe, there are many minds dwelling in the Earthly realm that are deep in fear. You have experienced the temptation and you know that at any moment you can be tempted again to be afraid. To choose to give attention to the thoughts that promote fear.

Every human being experiences fear at some point in their earthly incarnation, however to grow up is to learn to listen to the voice of Truth, the voice of maturity.

The voice of fear is no different than a confused child’s voice that has a delusional, limited and twisted view of Reality. It is always the voice of the victim and often understandably so. However, that needs to be outgrown so there is room for Truth to enter into the mind.

When you are feeling upset, conflicted or any form of fear you need to be willing to shift inside you. The open willingness, the humility that you are lost in a place in your mind that doesn’t serve your highest and greatest good and you may need help getting back on the path of Truth and Reality. Call on your higher Self, the God of your understanding or a intelligent mature friend for help.

In times of confusion and fear, your part is the open willingness and humility to see differently, to question your beliefs and surrender your position so Truth can enter in, so your view is focused on the Reality of Oneness and bliss that is always present rather than the lies and frightening stories that your attention is gripped by. Your part is opening to surrender, opening and willing to receive help from a wiser more expanded perspective, letting go of your attachment to being right so the power of the Universe can flow through you and bring you boundless happiness.

Much of this information we may know intellectually, yet until the knowledge is put into practice, the rubber to the road, getting onto the court we will never find the peace we seek. Just as you can know how to lose weight, yet until that knowledge is applied you will not know success. Therefore, we are at a point in maturity where we need to apply this spiritual knowledge, otherwise it is wasted.

Forgiveness being the overall lesson and practice to apply always. Forgiving your projections, that which you project onto others by first seeing it as a confusion within your own mind, a misinterpretation about your own Self, and then allowing a corrected perspective by asking for help from a higher aspect of your Self that can see from a higher perspective that there is only love and innocent confusion, only love and a call for love within you at all times. With this knowledge you can respond to your Self appropriately, by answering your own call for love with love, being that constant all loving Presence and compassionate space for your own Self. Surrendering to the wiser Self that dwells within you and listening to that voice rather than the screaming dramatic victimized child that is blind to the Truth.

Fear is a perspective rooted in illusion and delusion, it is a shutting out of not only love but Truth and closing your eyes to Reality. A turning away from the Self the Divine Principle that is always infinitely available at all times. It is a teacher, like putting your hand on the hot stove… it hurts so you learn this activity of the mind I am engaged in is not serving my highest happiness, I can make a new choice now to not give fear a place within my mind, I can starve these thoughts from my attention, turn away from that hot burner of fear-based brutality and open to and enter into the highest vibrational stream of consciousness available now.


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