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Journey Without End

February 3, 2021 Part Two

If you came down to the Earth plane and there was only one stream of consciousness, that being pure love, available to focus on… you would have no temptation to enter into alternate streams of consciousness, and there would be little growth at the end of your life and you cannot expect to be a hero for choosing only love. However, if you enter the world and there are multiple streams of consciousness pulling at your attention and through trial and error, through a strong desire to be happy and at peace you use your strength to avoid temptation and discipline your mind over many years of practice and commitment and become a master at discerning what is true and bringing your attention to only that which is true and beautiful. Then you are far more powerful and the growth is immeasurable. You can be in the midst of hell and remain the calm center of peace. You can be bombarded by temptation yet not even notice because you are wholly committed to Peace. This is powerful.

As Infinite Universal Power animates through human being the road to mastery is like a child learning to walk. They crawl on the floor for a while and then begin standing with many falls to the floor. Then they begin to take a step and fall, and another step and fall again, maybe two or three steps and fall again. Each time they fall they are not back to where they were when they could only stand, they are progressing forward, mastering the skill with stumbling and falling as part of that process. Don’t be hard on yourself if you get upset and gripped by fear, or if you momentarily forget you are a wholly innocent Divine Presence. We are all practicing toward mastery, and each time we fall we can learn and grow from that experience and hopefully bounce back quicker and fall less often.

One thing to consider that can help bring peace to our minds when we slip into unconsciousness and believe the stories the fearful streams of consciousness tell us are true, is that every stream of consciousness is available now, and you can choose the stream of peace always. You are a part of life, intrinsically one with all life and all of life is evolving to higher and higher states of expansion and love. You are a part of this great stream of life, and like a wave in the ocean has a force that can carry molecules of water, sand and sea weed to the safe shore, the power of the Universe is carrying us all to a higher state of evolution. No one will be left behind, no one is excluded from this force, all come home together.

You don’t need to know the way home intellectually, you need to be Present to the glory of experiencing life now. The mind can never know the way home, it has a very low rate of accuracy in predicting exactly how future events will go… usually the mind is wrong. Yet we continue to listen to it, we continue to try to control, plan and predict in order to feel safe, when the safest place to be is here now, in peace. A practice that will never be wasted is to practice being fully present now with no worries about the future. You continue to be responsible and put aside what you need to pay for food, rent and bills so you can have a roof over your head, yet you do that joyously now, with gratitude that you get to do that.

Pull your awareness back, so far back that there is only silent stillness, no conversations or thoughts in your mind, simply silent stillness like being in a void. Then simple observe with complete neutrality, equanimity and peace. Watching curiously with great love, openness, gratitude and joy. Curious even as to what this watcher is, who this watcher is, where is the source of this witnessing?

This witnessing is freedom because now you have taken the one power you have and can never lose, your choice as to where you put your attention, your choice to how you respond to what is arising, your choice to what vibrational frequency you will attune to, to choose responsibly an empowered space to stand in, to choose Truth, to be love.

When you discipline your mind to only entertain those thoughts that align with the highest vibration, the most peaceful state of being and have no tolerance for the delusional interruptions of the mind, then you are free from hell. It gets easier as you practice and depending on how disciplined your mind is, you can retrain your mind within a short period of time. It take commitment, discipline and determined tenacity. That’s not a lot to ask in order to witness the Heaven on Earth that exists in every now moment.

One important concept to remind the mind as it finds it’s way to new programming, opening up to new ways of being and new dimensions of consciousness is that there is no goal. We are constantly on a journey without end, we are always home and we are going no where. To seek, strive, or force anything into existence is to lose the preciousness of the moment. Is to tell the moment it isn’t perfect as it is now. The simple act of sipping a cup of tea in the morning is equally as sacred as praying in a holy temple, what matters far more than where or what one is doing is simply the state of consciousness one dwells in.

Make a commitment to sit in stillness in the lap of God, the heart of the Universe, the depth of your soul in perfect stillness and Grace. Basking in this state at all times and in all places and during all activities and no moment of you life will be more sacred than the next. There will never be any other moment to pine for because each precious moment is exactly where you are now. And the next moment it will change, and it is natural for the soul to continue to create and expand itself, yet it can only do that in Presence… not while distracted by fear. Fear is a constriction and shuts out Universal Life force energy, it closes the heart down to love and connection. Fear is a choice and love is a choice, those are truly the only choices available in any now moment.

Begin to witness your own state of mind from instant to instant throughout the day. Witness from a place of vigilantly noticing your current state of mind, how often do you dwell in peace? How often do you dwell in conflict… anything less than deep peace? Just notice and notice how you feel when you are in conflict, what your mind is telling you when you are in conflict, the energy you are exuding and sharing when you are in conflict… are they aligned with your highest version of your Self? Are you the most open, loving expression of joy


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