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Path to God

February 4, 2021

You are on a path to God… and in that path you need to keep your attention on God, stay connected to God and know your oneness with God always. This is the relationship of value and the one that will heal all other relationships.

Remember, to be completely yourself is to weed out all that does not serve you. If someone doesn’t love you as you are, then their friendship is not authentic you can let go of the need for them to provide you with love and acceptance and focus on loving yourself unconditionally. Send them great love... allow distance if necessary so you can love yourself. If a belief or conditioned patterns or responses creates suffering, let them go… it has no place in your joyous life.

What you can be assured is that God loves you, your soul loves you and I love you.

This is the love that matters, this love plugs you into the Self.

Today is a beautiful day and it isn’t finished yet. What is important is love and regardless of what you do or don’t do, regardless of how busy or lazy you are, regardless of who is in front of you… Loving with all your heart and soul is the way home. Regardless of how they have treated you in the past, regardless of what you were conditioned and trained to believe or act or respond or judge… the only thing that is important, the only thing you are committed to is the Presence of Love. Which is the Presence of God.

How does one develop and deepen a relationship with God, Universe, Source?

That is a very easy question to answer and it is to develop and deepen your relationship with your Self. That is the bridge that takes you to pure love, pure satisfaction, fulfilment and Home to God, the true love of all our lives.


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