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Reality Check for Healing

When you are gripped with an upset, the first is to realize your mind is in the past… illusion, fear, lies, avoiding responsibility, killing off love and affinity and connection with those you love in this now moment. What a loss. Love is here for you now and you want to spiral down a hell filled with illusion and lies rather than bask in the Heaven of love here now? Choose NOW, Choose LOVE, Choose Reality, Choose the Mind that is whole and healed, choose forgiveness of all the past, of everything, choose PEACE, Choose responsibility, adult wisdom, beauty and Grace. Choose to redirect your attention on thoughts that are true, be committed to truth now, be here now… it is the only time life exists. When your mind is in the past it is swimming in the snake filled sesspool of delusion and only causes pain and unnecessary suffering.

Growing up has nothing to do with age, it has to do with mastering your mind and emotions in a way that has you connected to Reality, Presence, Responsibility and Wisdom, Beauty and Grace. Love only exists now, love can only be shared and experienced now... in full presence the mind is healed and aligned with Truth and Reality, connection and oneness.

This now moment is the only thing you can know to be true… anything from the past is skewed with illusion and forgetfulness, anything about the future is uncertain, the only time you can be in touch with Reality is NOW. Be here NOW! Love NOW! Live NOW!

When your mind is gripped by thoughts of the past, only YOU can reign the mind back to the present moment peace. You need to discipline your own mind and be the parent for your own Self and snap the mind back into Reality however works for you.

Snap back to Reality, heal your mind, be the highest version of Self, take your power back!

1. Choose for me for peace, help me to see this differently, ask and pray for help

2. Be Here NOW, avoid thoughts from the past (Lies, delusions, neurosis, illusions)

3. Take responsibility (For your thoughts & emotions, aligning with Presence, truth, not blaming & faulting)

4. Let it go, refuse to spiral any further into hell, bring your attention to what you want to create, consciousness creates, what you focus on expands, expand what you wish to create in your life.

5. Choose love, affinity & connection over disconnect, being right/making wrong & fear based thoughts.

6. What is the thought? Is it true? How does it make you feel? Turn it around to opposite, other, self

7. Right or Happy

8. Choose the highest, wisest, most ecstatic version of yourself

9. Be wide open unstoppable love NOW! If not now when?

10. Communicate to connect… in a non digging peaceful, responsible, mature and loving manner

These are a few tools, and one may work better than another depending on the trigger and state of mind, however rule of thumb,

If it upsets you… you are in delusion and neurosis, allowing the fearful ego mind to take over.

If your thoughts are about the past… you are in delusion and neurosis, allowing the fearful ego to take over.

If you are blaming and faulting and making wrong… you are in delusion and neurosis, allowing the fearful ego to take over.

If you are gripped and triggered… you are in delusion and neurosis, allowing the fearful ego to take over.

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