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The Sky is the Limit

Weekly Message 2-14-21

Beloved friends, one thing we can all be assured of is that we are all in this together. No matter how divided it may feel, the division is all based on the mind, the brain, conditioning, beliefs and mental constructs… all of which are not Reality, not based in Truth and not a fraction as important as love and connection between the human family. The human beings on the planet are suffering from a bought of childishness… needing to be right and positional is a very constricted immature way of being that shuts out all love and connection. However, most human beings are good and believe it or not all beings are good at the very core, however some very confused groups who feel a need for power by exploiting other human beings are purposefully creating division.

What many do not know is that there are groups that are doing their best to create a lot of fear and division amongst humanity to support their agenda to gain power through exploitation. What do we do to respond to such a force? Well the first thing we do is realize this is happening. Most people don’t want to look at the bigger picture of what is happening on the planet.

A dictator is someone who wishes to own, control and exploit others rather than provide them free will and freedom to become great. Some political groups are wanting dictatorships in the form of more and more control over people and less and less freedom. If you look from a very expanded point of view, more and more countries are being taken over by socialism and communism and dictatorships. This is huge flag for all of humanity. The only way humanity can overcome this control is to come together for freedom and peace. Humanity is more powerful when they come together and nothing can stop the force for good when masses come together for what is a natural and God given right.

What these groups are doing is against nature, because nature is naturally free. To control and have power over others is not natural therefore it will never work in the long run. It is in effect in many parts of the globe, however it is growing like a cancer and has taken over mainstream media, social media, medical, schools, political, even religious arena’s all over the globe.

It is time to come together for the survival of the human species or something greater. Only by human beings coming together for peace can we create a new world, a heaven on earth… a world based on love, honor, freedom, equality, peace. This is very possible and inevitable, however the timing is a variable and there are many here helping to make the timeline as short as possible. To expedite the coming of the New World.

There will be housecleaning, cleaning out the closets which may appear disorganized and unsettling for some, especially those who are responsible for the dirt swept under the rug. However, similar to any housecleaning project, in the end, life is better off. The light at the end of the tunnel is bright, the future for humanity is bright, we are looking forward to a huge spiral upwards in all aspects of life on earth for all humanity.

However, humanity will need to come together and fight for their freedom, a peaceful fight that can move mountains and shift hearts and heal all beings and races and species living on this planet. Drastic times calls for drastic measures and masses of human beings of all religions, all races, all political preferences, all economic backgrounds, all sexual preferences come together as brothers and sisters to ensure all human beings, future generations and the planet as a whole thrive peacefully, abundantly and joyously for generations and generations to come.

We have done it before and we can do it now. We have more support in coming together now with technology than we have had in the past. Technology has ended intelligent life on this planet in the past and it could easily do the same again. However, there is still time, there is still a lot of hope and there is a huge support system pulling for humanity at this time.

It is important for humans to put their positions and beliefs and what they are attached to aside and open their eyes. This isn’t a fight about whose beliefs are right and whose are wrong… it is a necessity to put aside all beliefs on all sides and come together for a cause far greater than arguing that your religion or political preferences are right and another’s is wrong… this is about saving the entire human species as a free race. This is coming together so we have future generations at all, and ensuring those future generations are thriving and free.

At this time it is simply important to look at the bigger picture, let go of grievances and attachments so your heart can be open and share love with all beings, especially all human beings and enjoy loving connections with all human beings coming together for the good of all, for the survival of the species. To not put your head in the sand and spend all your free time watching sitcoms and senseless social media posts, but taking time to connect with others for the good of all.

The power that dwells within each and every human being is unending because the source that enlivens every being is unending. In coming together that power magnifies and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished, nothing humanity cannot do, the sky is the limit and together we will soar to heights humanity has never before known, and all through the simple yet unending power of love and connection.


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