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The Upcoming Year 2022

The upcoming year will be pulling up the carpet to clean out and transform systems that no longer serve. This can be an easy process or made up to be a big drama, each individual gets to choose how they interpret their world. All in all the events that will be needed to release the old that no longer serves, for the more evolved that will serve a higher and greater purpose will be noticed globally.

For each individual keeping focused on the good that will come of what some may call chaos, will be essential. The best practice is looking within to all the places where you have things hidden under the carpet of your consciousness and bring your loving awareness to them all. To look within where you are not at peace yourself and commit to peace within your own mind, that will help world peace more than anything.

People will be coming together this year more so than ever!

Coming together for causes that are important to all of humanity... freedom and basic liberties will be the biggest.

There are many ways to come together and support causes that you believe in, posting things, sharing things, financial support to organizations helping, gathering in live groups, spreading the messages by word of mouth. If you feel inspired to be part of the groups that are coming together for the greater good of humanity and the planet, find what pulls you and inspires you... be authentic in playing your part in this global movement for peace and a better world for all.

Higher energies are pouring into the planet and many beings from other dimensions are here in different forms to help this transformation. It is more important than ever to keep your mind disciplined and keep your attention focused on what you wish to create and the highest vision for humanity. Keep your conversations inspiring for what is possible and know always that the greatest power is love... holding the frequency of gratitude and love is the most important act you can perform for humanity at this time.

The youth on the planet are more evolved and value community and nature more so than future generations and they will need leaders to show them the way. You are that leader, each and every one of you. It cannot be stressed enough how important heart centered leaders are to guide the youth at this time. They are profound souls with a sensitivity and intelligence the planet has yet to see. Guide them always with empowered love and compassion to help them find their way to their new evolved planet earth they will soon be leaders of. Answer the call to serve the youth. The most powerful thing we can do for the planet is to liberate the youth to be fully empowered and free.

Sending you great love from Heaven and many expanded dimensions of Reality. Know you are more than what your mind can think, center yourself into your heart and know you are loved beyond measure, you are never alone.

John, The Beloved


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