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Transforming the Impossible to Infinite Possibilities

Messages4Humanity Sept. 15, 2020, OneWorldStudio.Com, The Radio.

The power in coming together as a species for a common intention cannot be underestimated. Things that are considered impossible are easily accomplished when hearts, minds, bodies and souls come together in unity and love.

This is a time when coming together for peace on earth is needed more than ever. Yet this is a time we are seemingly separated and disconnected more than ever, or so it appears. Borders are closed to travel between countries, even some states. People are asked to isolate within their homes and not allow other’s in. In public people are told others are a threat so wear a mask and stand six feet apart so you don’t die. Events are cancelled, even sports to public gathering. However, in many ways we are coming together more so and connected more deeply.

At this time on the planet with the technology we are more connected in new ways than ever before, however nothing can match the human connection, the human touch, the gift of a hug or to snuggle close to another body. The balance of it all is crucial at this time, and although it feels like humanity is off balance, we are actually coming into balance.

Sometimes the isolation that creates the lack of balance is just what is needed for the balance to be welcomed and accepted by all minds. Sometimes it is in the loss and separation that provides the intensity of passion for connection and love. We honor and appreciate the contrast that leads to the balance of what our hearts truly and deeply desire.

Coming together in peace as a species is the outcome desired and the contrast that promotes this Unification is deeply appreciated. We cannot lose sight of the unified intention and personal commitment to peace on Earth and peace for all human beings and all beings, which naturally includes an environment where all are free and thriving abundantly. Today I simply ask that we open our minds to this vision, begin to focus on this new world where peace reigns and all beings are thriving and free. Where all of Humanity comes together as one being, one force of love, one unstoppable, unending force transforming the impossible to infinite possibilities for greatness and good.

John, The Beloved


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