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Kuwahara Farms

Kuwahara Farms is located in Draper, UT (736 12300 S) and is widely considered a local treasure to the community. Their operation months are March 1st to October 30th. The farm is famous for their delicious corn, watermelons, peaches, tomatoes, apples, and pumpkins. It is quite charming and holds some of the best produce in Utah. While I conducted the interview I couldn’t help but buy some delightful vegetables for myself. The family business was started in 1940, it’s been thriving for 76 years!

The faces of Kuwahara Farms is Randy and Roland Kuwahara. They graduated from Hillcrest High School. Sadly, their father passed away when they were at a very young age. However they continued the family legacy, and opened their first produce stand in 1968. The Farm’s success is built on hard work ethic and contains some of the finest people you will ever meet. The Kuwahara Farm’s employees practice remarkable customer service. Randy and Roland had many important things to say to the Utah Community as well anybody who takes the time to listen. Firstly they encourage people to teach their children about the importance of local produce and the benefits of buying fresh produce. During our conversation Randy made a powerful statement, he said “Local farmers are your heroes”.

Also they suggest that next time you shop at your local grocer ask if they carry local produce. They strongly recommend that everyone should learn how to grow food in their own garden. Randy and Roland encourage people to recycle as much as possible. They believe that people should cut down on toxic emissions by using their vehicles less and walking more. They believe in healthy eating and healthy practices such as juicing and increased raw foods in a person’s diet. Furthermore they are fitness enthusiasts. Kuwahara has some exciting events coming up including their elaborate pumpkin patch featuring some of the greatest pumpkins in the state of Utah. The pumpkin patch will be open starting September 24th and ends October 30th. With a purchase of any pumpkin you get a free corn maze experience.

Remember to head on over to Kuwahara Farms to get wonderful produce before the season ends. Support your local farmers!

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